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Local and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations are important players in the development and dissemination of grassroots technologies. This portal offers short profiles of all organizations who contributed to GrassrootsWiki. Learn more about them and their work!

We know, concerning concepts and technologies there is a "pride of ownership". All of you did a lot of efforts to develop and implement instruments and technologies. Nevertheless, we believe a comprehensive compilation and the possibility to refine the ideas helps to improve the living conditions in many parts of the world. Therefore, we invite you to present your organization's profile and your grassroots technologies. The credit for this will be give to you if you link the manuals and case studies to your profile. To add a new organization just put its name in the search field on the right side to create a new page. Select template "Organization". Please categorize it with the command [[Category:Type of organization from the list below]] at the end of the page.

The follwing types of organizations are used in GrassrootsWiki:

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