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Knowledge on smart technical solutions and processes makes an impact on the improvement of living and working conditions of people especially in developing countries and crisis regions. GrassrootsWiki boosts the global dissemination of grassroots technologies. To do so, it links technology descriptions, case studies, geographical regions and organizations.

We invite you as user to search on for your grassroots solution and experienced partners. And we invite you as an editor to contribute your grassroots solution. GrassrootsWiki is completely free. Try it. It is your GrassrootsWiki.


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Do you have bright ideas or
technologies but no time or possibilities
to publish it on GrassrootsWiki?
Then send us your material by email to

We will create a new article with your technology!


Native speakers wanted

Do you speak English as your first language? Then we need you to correct articles on Why?


What is social bookmarking? (Wikipedia)

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