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Great that you have interest to work as editor on This page gives you the first instructions how to start when creating a new page or editing an existing page. Don't be afraid - it isn't difficult.

At present the starter kit is still under construction. Feel free to add any advices if you have already experiences with wikis. For further questions and personal support send an email to

Log in

Screenshot log in
Screenshot log in
In principle it is not necessary to log in if you want to create or edit a page. Only for some more complex pages as for example the portal pages you need to log in. Also there are some pages which are protected that only administrators are allowed to make changes, for example the main page of GrassrootsWiki. 

Advice: If you are not logged in the IP of your computer is registered in the page history.

So we require to create a personal account and to login if want to create or edit pages in GrassrootsWiki. Your advantages if you are logged in:

  • your IP is not visible, only your user name, or - if you want - your real name
  • you are able to use some personal tool as personal preferences, your personal watchlist, your personal talks and your personal contributions
  • of course it is nicer if a community like GrassrootsWiki knows their members at least by an user name which still ensures your privacy 

Create a new article

To create a new page in GrassrootsWiki is quite simple. Just follow the link Adding article or case study in the sidebar or in the box 'For Editors' at the main page (homepage).

Screenshoot of page "Adding article"
Screenshoot of page "Adding article"

At the page are two columns:

The left green column is for adding an article about a technology, the right gray one is for adding a case study. The differences between these two kinds of articles are explained in the boxes you can see at the page itself (and at the screenshot here).

If you scroll down the page there are two input boxes. In the green column 'Add an article about a technology' the box is a search box, which helps you to find existing pages. This is for avoiding duplicates of page names and described technologies on GrassrootsWiki. If you search an article which exists you will be redirected to the page with the searched name so you could edit it. If there is no page which matches your input you will be redirected to another page which shows you page titles which are similar to your input. Also there will be a link 'You can create this page'. If you

In the gray column 'Add a case study' you can type the the title of your best practice example. For example: "Implementation of a gravity feed water piping system in village x in country y". If you click the 'Create a new case study button' you be linked to the edit mode of a new page already named with the title you put in. In this edit mode a template is included which helps you to structure your page. Follow the advices there and feel free to add content and delete what you don't need.

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