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A wiki in general is a website which allows every visitor to become an editor. For this as wiki offers easy-to-use features for editing the contents of articles. Learn more about wikis...

What is - The features in particular is the knowledge portal for the dissemination of ideas, experiences and instructions in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian assistance. If useful experiences are made and later on only kept in brains, hidden in databases or download areas the knowledge isn't available to others. Not the inventiveness and knowledge creation is the bottleneck. It's the access to a fragmented knowledge whose particles are spreat worldwide. initiates knowledge exchange and the creation of new knowledge as a horizontal process. All players, who develop, take care for, apply and use grassroots technologies are invited to share their knowledge. All people looking for such solutions are invited to do so on

GrassrootsWiki is

  • a platform developed by its users which allows everybody to collaborate,
  • a rich repertory of technical and procedural solutions especially for non-professional users,
  • a guide and tutorial for easy to build technical devices and easy to implement manufacturing and business processes,
  • an easily accessible knowledge data base also in case of an emergency.

Why you should become an editor? - The incentives

Put your ideas and experiences on stage!
The first reason why you should become an editor is yourself. Your idea, your technical solution or your business strategy helps you to improve your living conditions and that's why it could improve the living conditions of others, too! GrassrootsWiki offers the platform to present it. Get the good feeling of helping others!
Be a member of the GrassrootsWiki community!
More and more people from all over the world become members of the GrassrootsWiki community. It is an active network - people cooperatively develop and improve their technical solutions. They share these solutions, improvements and their experiences made. That's why GrassrootsWiki is always up to date and close to the people and their needs. Enjoy to be part of this innovative web project!
Make GrassrootsWiki groundbreaking!
GrassrootWiki is the first internet platform which emancipates people in "poorer" living conditions to share their technologies and living strategies. This is important because we are convinced that knowledge transfer shouldn't be "one-way" from the "rich" to the "poor", from the north to the south or however. We are sure that there are many smart grassroots technologies to improve the professional work of organizations in the field of humanitarian aid and development cooperation, too. GrassrootsWiki is your tool to change a little bit the world!

What do you achieve by contributing to - The impacts

GrassrootsWiki promotes

  • the exploration of still undiscovered grassroots technologies, knowledge procurement and structuring,
  • the dissemination of knowledge of grassroots technologies and the knowledge transfer,
  • feedback from other users,
  • the formation of a community of users and experts and their encouragement to become developers of ideas,
  • the improvment of living and working conditions and ways for social and economical development,
  • fundamentals for further training services of local consultants.
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