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GrassrootsWiki is an independent project run by GrassrootsWiki e.V., a non-profit charitable organisation from Germany. Its members amalgamate their experience in the fields humanitarian aid and development cooperation with their IT expertise, the motivation being to make technological and strategic knowledge on humanitarian aid/development cooperation freely accessible to people regardless of provenance, sex, education and religion. GrassrootsWiki is completely free.

Board Members:


Uwe Schützenmeister

Geographer (Diploma)

Already during his studies of geography he worked in various short term projects in the field of humanitarian aid and development cooperation in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1998), Kosovo (1999, 2000) and Iraq (2003).

After finishing his studies in 2005 he worked in an earthquake recovery project in Pakistan for the German organization arche noVa. The goal of the project was the recovery of destroyed water piping systems in a rural mountain area.

From 2006 to 2008 Uwe Schützenmeister has been working as an assistant for social science at the German Kazakh University (DKU) in Almaty/Kazakhstan, financially supported by the German Robert Bosch Foundation.

Besides his studies and professional life Uwe Schützenmeister worked as a web programmer for various non commercial organizations.

At the time when Uwe Schützenmeister worked in Pakistan, he realized that the knowledge management of humanitarian aid and development cooperation organizations should be more effective. Also he realized that there are lots of good local ideas which are useful for the professionals, too. These experiences were the initial idea for starting

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