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Your contribution is welcome on GrassrootsWiki! The following explanations guide you to get the right template and to the right place for your article.

Articles about technologies vs. case studies

GrassrootsWiki knows two kinds of articles on grassroots technologies:

  • articles about technologies and
  • case studies.

All look on grassroots technologies from different perspectives. The thematic portals contain articles on technologies, e.g. construction manuals for physical devices, tools or machines as well as process manuals for manufacturing, organizational or business processes which can be easily replicated. The case studies portal registers best practice examples showing proper implementation of grassroots technologies. Field experiences are an important part of a technology description, because they show their applicability. Before creating an article you should decide on its type. Always be aware which type of article you are writing and who you are writing for. The following scheme explains the difference on the basis of the example 'dug well':

An article about a technology describes e.g. the construction of a dug well:

  • How large has a dug well to be if it should provide water to 50 people?
  • Which construction materials are recommended?
  • Which tools are needed?
  • Are there special requirements for example in earthquake areas?
  • How much time do we have to calculate for implementation?
  • Do we need external expertise and where to get it?
  • How to dig the wall? And so on.

A case study of implementing a dug well is a real story with a specific place and it has been finished. In your article you should add information like:

  • Which problems did you have with the implementation of the dug well?
  • Did you get support from other people?
  • How much was it (maybe in relation to the average income).
  • How did you finance it?
  • Which hurdles did you overcome and how?
  • Who argued against the implementation and why?
  • How did you organize the maintenance?
  • Did you have to check some local laws? And so on.

Step 1: First, please search for exiting articles

To avoid similiar articles instead of an step by step improved one please check if there are articles already covering your topic. If no article title matches, GrassrootsWiki will invite you to create a new page. If a similiar article already exists, please, rather improve or complete this one than creating a new one.

Use the different search options to check if your article titel in mind or a similiar one already exists:

  • Search in the relevant portals
  • Have a look into the index of all pages
  • Search for the title of your article in mind using the box below. Full-text searching is an additional option. If no page title matches GrassrootsWiki will offer you to create a new page.
  • Look for article titles already marked as internal link , but still lack contents.

Step 2: Create a new article

If no existing article covers your topic you can create a new  article. Type the title of the article in the box below an press the create button. The new article page is created automatically and includes a template which helps you to write the article.

Do you know a good implementation of a grassroots technology? Than tell others about it on Type the title of your case study into the box below. After clicking the button you'll be forwarded automatically to the edit mode of your new case study page. There you find already a template which helps you to structure your case study. Readers are curious to know your story for a good example of implementing a grassroots technology!

Do you have bright ideas or technologies but no time or possibilities to publish it on GrassrootsWiki?

Then send us your material by email to

We will create a new article with your technology!

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