Stay independent

Open Source is up to date

A few years ago, Open Source software was widely seen as technically underdeveloped. This picture has changed completely. Most commercial content management systems cannot compete with thousands of dedicated web developers working actively on the improvement of open source solutions. Many web agencies have  given up their own content management systems  and switched to open source solutions. For those who still use a proprietary content management system, a transition is usually associated with significant costs. Don't get so dependent on a single agency.


Open Source saves costs

With Open Source, you don't have immediate cost for a software product. Your funds can be used entirely for the adaptation of an open source software to suit your specific needs.

Updating of the software is very important since the technological development is quick and outdated software versions often represent a significant security risk. Open source solutions provide you with immediate updates and you do not need to invest in newer versions.


Start with open-source solutions from the begining

It is our business to find the open source solutions that match your needs best, implement them according to your needs, and help you to reduce your costs.


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