No more "Version.final_2_finished_new_corrected"

Have you encountered the problem that you work on a document while someone else is editing another version of the same document? Do you often need a long time for finding important documents? Do you have identical documents with different  names? Do you have documents which need to be processed by and released to various departments or locations?

Many employees spend half of their time on searching and updating documents and information.

This process can be much more comfortable when you apply a modern document management system on your Intranet or even the Internet. Organize your documents in flexible categories rather than in rigid directories. Let the software take control of the naming and updating of documents. Introduce a version control to your documents. Regulate and control access. Ask us what else a document management system can do for you.

With a sophisticated document management system you have more control over your documents and save time in the preparation and updating documents.

What does idea-sketch for an optimal document management:

  • Consulting
    • Advice on the potentials of using a document management system
    • Analysis of existing processes and procedures
  • Implementation
    • Individual concept based on the identified requirements
    • Setting up a document management system and necessary extensions
    • Adaption of your corporate identity
  • Introduction and Training
    • Training and support of staff and teams
    • Creation of online - manuals
  • Evaluation
    • Analysis of the usage of your document management system
    • Site use statistics and surveys
    • Identification of optimization potentials